July 4th Pet Safety Tips

July 4th Pet Safety Tips

You have your sparklers nearby; your red, white and blue decor; and your food.prepared You're officially ready to celebrate America's birthday. Although we may love fireworks and the pretty colors in the sky, your dog may get stressed out with the loud noises and large gatherings. To enjoy your Independence Day with your pets, plan ahead. Here are some pet safety tips for the Fourth of July.

1. Keep your pets at home.

Pets go missing most around the 4th of July - probably to seek shelter and to hide from the booming of fireworks and the flashing lights. If your dog is one to run away, or be easily frightened, leave your dog at home.

If you are throwing a large party, and your dog is not a party animal, keep them in the fenced-in dog enclosure where he/she can play; but be away from strangers.

2. Keep dog tags and pet ID on at all times

If you decide to bring your dog or cat to your 4th of July celebration party, keep a close eye on them. If they happen to run away, having a dog collar with ID will help someone find your dog and return him/her back to you.

3. Bring dog toys with you

Having his/her favorite toy will not only distract your dog or cat, but will also help calm their nerves. This will give your cat or dog something to focus on while you are enjoying the firework display.

4. Turn on the FM radio

Listening to soft classical music or Jazz music will sooth your dog or cat and relax them while you enjoy the firework show.

5. Play with your dog during fireworks

Pet your dog, play tag, or toss a ball to give them something to focus on during the large celebration.

Remember these tips for pet safety and have a wonderful time celebrating America!

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