Keep Your Peeps Safe

Chicken owners prefer to raise free-range chickens because they produce better-tasting eggs; and while chicken owners make sure their poultry gets exercise and fresh air, they need to also keep watch on wildlife that may try to harm the peeps. 

Coyotes are quick to attack poultry; and as they can jump high, and chew, it's recommended to chicken owners that they surround chickens around a 6' feet high metal fence. If the 'chicken wire' can be in PVC-coating, such as the Steel Hex Web available on, even better. The PVC-coating prevents the fence from wearing down from the weather; but it also halts chew marks from reaching through the fence. 

Pasture raised chickens need to be surrounded by a secure fence that is chew proof and rust proof. Chicken fencing is a basic need for chickens. Shop now.

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