Celebrate Pet Month

Celebrate Pet Month

Pet Awareness Month is a May pet observance for pet owners that promotes responsible pet ownership and makes people aware of the benefits of adopting a pet dog or cat.

Being a responsible pet owner means that pet owners  must supply their domestic dogs and cats with the basics: Food, water, shelter, socialization and heath care in order to maintain overall animal wellness. Let's break it down:

1) Similar to humans, your dog or cat will need healthy pet foods that are high in nutrition. The right foods will allow for healthier coats in dogs.

2) Your animals will need fresh water, daily. If it's hot outside, place a few ice cubes in the water dish for the dog to cool down. 

3) Your dogs and cats need protection from storms and will need a roof over their heads - at all times. They will need a warm, dry place to escape snow, rain, ice and heat. Give them plenty of warm blankets during wintertime.

4) Dogs and cats both need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity to stay fit. Like us, interacting with other animals will make them happier and will give them a chance to play outside with a friend.

5)  The right food, plenty of water and exercise is a winning combination to achieving complete animal health. Domestic breeds will require more time exercising as they get older; and starting off young will ensure that animals get the care they deserve.

This National Pets Month, consider adopting a kitten, puppy or senior dog or cat. Finding them a forever home will give them a brighter future; and will brighten your years, as well.






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