Medical Pot For Dogs

Medical Pot For Dogs

Some dogs stress out over fireworks; and if you have a few remaining firecrackers left over from the 4th of July, your dog may be in-hiding from the loud bangs and booms. This is why pet owners in California are turning to a new stress relieving product to alleviate anxiety in their dogs: marijuana.

Yes, there is such a thing as medical marijuana for dogs (a CBD oil); and although it has less than 3 percent of THC, it will not get dogs high, just relaxed. But, is it safe for the animal?

Dr. Tom Hansen of San Francisco Veterinary Specialists said he has seen dogs in the ER after eating marijuana. He has not seen illness caused by the CBD products, and while pet owners tell him CBDs seem to work, he can't offer pet owners advice about them.

Most California pet owners do not see an issue using the medical pot for their dogs. They feel it's better than watching their dog cower in fear or run away. Over all, the use of cannabis-based veterinary products allows their dogs to stay calm while the pet owners enjoy their own recreational activities.

Some pet owners may feel a bit uneasy about the whole idea of giving their dogs drugs. For the pet owner who is hesitant to try, here are other methods for controlling stress in dogs:

1. Turn on soft music. Classical music usually calms dogs.

2. Play with your dog during events. Keep them distracted and continue to talk to them.

3. Keep them at home! If you know they aren't happy or well behaved at big, family gatherings, then don't force them to come outside.

4. If you have company over, keep your pet outside in an enclosed dog or cat fence. Allowing pets to play outside and socialize with other animals will keep them entertained and distracted from the noise that is going on inside the house. 

Pay attention to your dog's behavior during holidays and parties and see what stress reliever works best for your pet.

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