New Cat Products! is pleased to announce a new collection of fence products available for cat owners [okay, and dog owners, too]. 

The full covered cat fence is built for homeowners that want to see their cats play outside but are worried about swooping birds, such as hawks, and other wild animals approaching their domestic pets. The fencing does not take up much room in yards making it the purrfect solution for homeowners with small yards and townhouse owners. 

The cat enclosure with top is available in either plastic or metal constructions and different lengths to satisfy the landscape requirements of each landowner.

These fully enclosed cat fences are similar to catios. The difference is that catios are more box-shaped with levels to let cats jump and play in a tight area. Cat enclosures will let cats roam more; play more; and socialize more. Those with more land to work with can always upgrade to a Kitty Corral Cat Fence

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