New Dog Fence Kit! released 7' x 100' 14 ga. Dog Fence Rolls into the Welded Wire Fence category early in summer 2020. Today, introduces the 7' x 100' Welded Wire Fence Kits.

Included in this 7' x 100' 14 gauge galvanized welded wire dog fence kit is a 7' ft roll of 14 ga galvanized welded wire fencing, a 100% chew-resistant product that appears virtually invisible as close as 20 feet. We have also included our galvanized steel dog fence posts with ground sleeves, an incredibly easy to install system that will save you from digging post holes and pouring cement. With the wire fences, you will also receive a pack of our heavy duty self-locking ties, kinked ground stakes, inserts for your posts, and a drive cap for the quick and easy installation of your ground sleeves. All parts of this welded wire dog fence kit are black coated for weather protection and a sleek professional look. The kit includes easy to follow directions, and can be installed by you and a partner in as little as one day without the help of a professional. Mesh size dimensions: 2" x 3".

Dimensions: 7' H x 100' L
Life Expectancy: 20-30 years
Mesh Dimensions: Approx. 2" x 3"
Visibility: Virtually Invisible from approximately 20'
Base Weight: 155 lbs
Color: Black
Material: Galvanized steel, PVC-coated
7' x 100' Welded Wire Fence Kits include options for gates, corners and ends to be added to the kit price. Buy now on!
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