Exercise For Cats

Like dogs, cats require outdoor time to play, exercise and socialize with other companion animals. Spending time outdoors with help cats stay lean and in shape - increasingly important as they age. Without much movement, cats risk health complications as they get older - one being obesity. Did you know that there are at least 56 million cats in the United States that are overweight or obese?

Here are outdoor activities for domestic cats to improve their quality of life:

  • Walk with cats around the yard. There are cat leashes similar to dog leashes; but that won't be necessary if yards are fenced in for cats;
  • Roll yarn or string; and watch cats untangle from the fabric. Be sure they don't get caught up around their necks, though - this can be a choking hazard;
  • Have cats reach for catnip toys. These toys allow them to use their arms in motion and get rewarded in the process;
  • Roll ball and watch them run after it;
  • Have them gently swat away a feather;
  • Watch them chase after a laser pointer - just don't shine the light in their faces;
  • Watch them pounce on plywood; cardboard boxes or paper bags. They enjoy the noise from scratching and strengthen their arms and claws in the process. 

Cats need physical fitness for health and wellness just as much as other companion pets. Do them a favor and workout with them from the convenience of your own backyard. 

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