Outdoor Cats Warmth

In the summertime, pet owners are quick to let their domestic cats outside to run and play; but as the fall season progresses, we must worry about health concerns for cats including hypothermia, frostbite and even fatalities caused by cold weather. 

Keeping outside cats warm

As a general rule, cats should not be left outside for long if the temperatures dip under 45 degrees Fahrenheit. When outdoor cats, or feral cats, are inside the cat fence enclosure, pet owners and TNR caretakers should provide cats with blankets and fresh water. While cats may not be visibly sweating or hot, they can easily get dehydrated. Outside cat shelters will also need straw, not hay, for insulation. When they come back inside, cat paws will need to be dried off with towels to prevent cracked feet and discomfort. 

Follow these cold weather tips for cat safety during Animal Safety and Prevention Month. 

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