Pet Health and Wellness

As pet owners, we want to make sure our companion pets are happy and healthy at all times; but caring for pets is more than just buying them squeaky toys and playing with them. It's making sure their basic needs are met. Here are ways to improve animal health and wellness with both domestic dogs and cats:

First and foremost, companion animals need commitment from pet owners that they will be loved and cared for with compassion and patience. New pets, regardless of age, will need to learn their new surroundings and how to navigate through households and backyards without getting lost. Pets will need shelter during the day and evening hours with a chance to get outside and play in a fenced-in yard. Like people, companion pets need a chance to walk off pint-up energy; socialize with other animals and exercise. Exercise is especially important to pets as they age. Without at least 30 minutes of daily fitness, dogs and cats risk health complications including weak limbs, arthritis, breathing issues and obesity. Playing with dogs and cats at home in the yard not only creates bonding opportunities between pet owners and pets but allows pets to run and play while having fun!

Dogs and cats will also need healthy dog foods; plenty of fresh water throughout the day to stay hydrated and much more.

Dogs and cats are not just companion animals; but they are members of the family that can help families create lifelong memories.

Pet owners that wish to learn more about pet fencing can reach out to customer service and ask for fence cost quotes.

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