Pet Obesity: Not Funny

A news story out of San Diego is going viral to discuss the rise in pet obesity. 

In the below photo, we will meet a 26 pound cat named Angelo out of the San Diego Humane Society. While he is cute and pudgy, the fact is that the cat risks health complications beyond being a fat cat including diabetes, trouble breathing and arthritis. 

"Even though a lot of people may perceive him to be cute or funny, for us it's alarming to see an animal this size," said Dr. Danielle Clem, Hospital Director for the San Diego Campus.

Pets that are overweight need exercise and a healthy amount of the right types of food. Consult a veterinarian for healthy pet foods and read the labels. 

In a 2018 survey from the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, 55 percent of dogs and 59 percent of cats are classified as fat or obese. 

Fat catPet obesity rates 2018