Pet Safety In Cold

Dogs and cats want to spend time outside this fall; but pet owners must use caution as the temperatures drop. They need to know the signs of hypothermia in pets and when to bring their four-legged friends in-doors. In general, cold temperatures should not become a problem for most dogs until they fall below 45°F.

Here are some pet care tips to remember this fall:

  • Do not shave your dog during cold months. Pet owners can get away with this in the summer; but the dry moisture can hurt skin. 
  • The dried air can damage pet's foot pads. Bring a towel on long walks; or add petroleum jelly to their paws for protection against cool air. 
  • Do not leave cats in the garage for protection against the cold. The garage drips of antifreeze and gasoline; and if your curious cat licks the toxic liquids, it could become very ill or die. The fumes aren't good for them, either.
  • Pets burn energy and stay warm by moving around. Play with them in the fenced-in backyard
  • Remember to keep them hydrated. They may not be visibly sweating; but fresh water will keep them both hydrated and healthy. 
  • Bathe pets after outdoor playtime. This will warm up the pet.
  • Check for ticks. Dogs like to roll around in leaves and grasses; but this is where ticks tend to hide. Do a thorough tick check on pets after outdoor time.

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