Pet Stores Ban In Effect

Several pet stores around the country are cracking down on selling domestic animals that are from commercial breeders. Many pet stores in Massachusetts are banning non-rescue animals in stores.

For many grassroots animal activist groups, they are winning the war against commercial breeders.The MSPCA, a nonprofit that seeks to unite rescued animals with new owners, cheered the move. “It’s really a landmark ordinance,” Laura Hagen, its deputy director of advocacy, tells the Globe, adding that its adoption centers have lately been overwhelmed by small animals from pet shops. The MSPCA is among a group of animal-focused groups that will be tapped soon be tapped for for a pet regulation advisory council. Also to be added to the panel are the Cambridge Animal Commission, the Humane Society, and the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

In the past decade, over 230 municipalities have passed bans on sales of fogs and cats raised by for-profit organizations including PetCo. The bill encourages future pet owners to obtain puppies and kittens from animal shelters and hopes for the humane treatment of animals from pet owners.

Retail pet stores around the country with the latest pet sale ban include:

Maple Shade, NJ – Enacted June 2017; effective immediately7

North Plainfield, NJ – Enacted June 2017; effective July 20177

Bainbridge Island, WA – Enacted June 2017; effective July 2017

Asbury Park, NJ – Enacted June 2017; effective July 2017

Matawan, NJ – Enacted June 2017; effective immediately

Leonia, NJ – Enacted July 2017; effective immediately.

Warwick, RI – Enacted July 2017; effective August 2017

DeSoto County, FL – Enacted July 2017; effective immediately

To see the full list, visit and look at the Jurisdictions with retail pet sale bans by state.

Do you think this is fair to pet stores who are practicing the fair sale of pets in local pet stores?

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