Pet Weather Tips

Keep pets safe during cooler weather. As the temperatures drop from frigid to icy, dog health will need to be watched by owners. Read these cold weather safety tips for dogs now:

  • Dogs still need fresh water when they are outside. Just because they aren't visibly sweating or panting doesn't mean they aren't dehydrated.
  • Dog paws are sensitive. Keep rooms in houses humidified to keep moisture flowing to dogs. When they come back inside, dry paws with a towel. Cracked feet become painful to dogs and will require petroleum jelly or other paw protectant to sooth their pain. (Think about cracked knuckles.)
  • Dogs will need a little more nutrition during the cold weather months. However, be sure not to overfeed them too much.
  • Dogs still require exercise in fall and will want to go for jogs; hikes; and play in the snow. Know your dog's limits and do not over do it. 

Animal Safety and Prevention Month is October. Keep these cold weather dog tips in mind this season.

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