Pets Against Wildlife

When a home security system is not in play, it's great to own dogs to ward off wildlife. Deer and other wild animals are found on lawns throughout the year searching for food; and they can be a nuisance to home gardeners. However, during the fall season, when natural resources are becoming scarce, deer and other wildlife may become feisty toward pets. 

Deer are the number one complaint among homeowners; and in late October, they begin mating season. This is when bucks seek doe and become aggressive to both people and pets. They have been known to attack joggers and even fight with domestic dogs and cats. 

Coyote packs are out scouting for food, as well; and they will attack small dogs and cats, if given the chance. And, bears are stock piling on food to prepare for winter hibernation. 

To protect pets from wildlife, homeowners need to separate the two with fencing. The height of fence will be based on the animals that are found on home landscapes. Typical deer fencing is 7.5 to 8 feet high while fence to rid coyotes is 6 feet high.

Whatever height is chosen for wildlife management will help to reduce the amount of wild animals on yards, keeping domestic animals safe. Consider installing fencing in the yard in October during deer mating season when deer herds and other animals are out-and-about looking for food.


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