Pets & Holiday Parties

Because Turkey Day is just days away, homeowners are frantically cleaning up houses all while prepping to cook their favorite Thanksgiving meals for guests. People all around the country will be travelling to visit friends and family; and they may be excited to see long-lost faces, but pets may be feeling nervous. For pet owners with worried dogs, here is what you should do to keep them calm and happy during holiday parties this Thanksgiving:

  • Play soft music for them, like Jazz. The soothing sound of Jazz music seems to calm dogs and keep them relaxed, relieving anxiety they have.
  • Keep them in bedrooms for the evening. If temperatures are above freezing, dogs can stay outside in the fenced-in yard for some time; but be sure they have access to blankets; fresh water; and warm, covered shelter. 
  • Play with dogs during holiday parties. This will keep them distracted from noise and new guests.

Dogs can get overwhelmed during the holidays seeing new faces; but with the help of pet owners, they will stay calm, cool and relaxed this holiday season.

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