Plastic Fence For Dogs

The word plastic gets a bad reputation; but there is more than meets the eye.

Poly dog fencing is lightweight and easy to install which gives it an A+ status for homeowners who have never installed a fence before in the yard. Being lightweight makes it easy to manage for the DIY'er in contrast to hefty chain-link fences that usually require installation from certified professionals (adding to the price tag of the dog fence). 

Poly dog fencing is not just for small dogs like chihuahuas or yorkies but are used for dogs that are low key with calm temperaments. This means that a golden retriever, that may not dig or chew, may be better suited for a plastic dog fence rather than a metal dog fence. It all depends on the size and attitude of the dog(s)!

Plastic fences for dogs have a breaking strength of 650-1400 pounds and a life expectancy of up to 20+ years. If the fence is high enough, at least 6 feet tall, it may be able to keep out deer and other nosy wildlife. 

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