Posts For Dog Fence

Considering dog fence installation and are gathering fence supplies? There are many types of fence posts on the market; but  here are the top types of fence posts to consider when thinking about installing dog fence:

HD Line Posts: This type of fence post is the most common for DIY dog fences and can be used in both smooth and rocky surfaces. Heavy duty line posts are made from a galvanized steel. These vertical shaped line posts simply drop into ground sleeves and are black in color to match most types of plastic or metal dog fence. They are usually 1 3/8" posts; however, taller fences, will require fence posts that are 1 58" in diameter.

Angle Steel Posts: Angled steel posts include pre-drilled holes as opposed to heavy duty line posts. These lighter weight steel posts have an L shape that allows it to slide into the ground, particularly in rocky soils. 

Wooden Posts: Wooden fence posts are beautiful and are often used in conjunction with black fence mesh to give it a classy look that stands out. Wooded posts come with a price tag; but it's a small price to pay for glam. Wooden fence posts are heavier to install than traditional line posts and may splinter over time as a downer. 

Trees: Trees are often used by homeowners as fence posts. Fence mesh can easily attach to trees using 2" barbed staples. This technique is a bit more complex; but it's a great way to use natural resources!

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