Poultry Need Fencing

Backyard chicken owners consider poultry to be pets, not food. Chickens provide us with the best-tasting eggs to help us produce fluffy cakes and other baked goods while being loving and playful.

Ever heard the term "cooped up?" Well, this is exactly what we don't want to see happen to poultry. Like other pets, chickens are not meant to be "cooped up" indoors all day and they cannot stay within a chicken coop. They are meant to roam freely and play with other poultry. When the flock is outside roaming the pasture, that is when they are happiest and healthiest. 

Chicken owners know that predatory animals, such as coyotes and wolves, may try to disturb the flock; and that is why they need to secure the flock with a metal fence with PVC-coating

Chicken coopsFence for backyard chickensMetal fence with pvc coatingProtect chickens from coyotes