Predators Of Chickens

Individuals may preach that chickens are friends, not food; however, wild animals would disagree. Some predatory animals will go to extreme lengths to taste fresh meat. These animals include:

  • Coyotes, foxes, wolves
  • bobcats
  • house cats
  • raccoons
  • members of the weasel family
  • skunks
  • opossums

Caged chickens is one way to guarantee their protection; however, the flock members are cramped up in coops and are not happy. Therefore, chicken owners may decide to install outdoor enclosures for chickens on pastures. The fencing will need to be constructed from metal and include PVC on the outside as a secondary layer of protection against chew marks. 

Protecting poultry is easy as long as owners buy the right height and fence type. Choose a 6 feet high fence that is made from steel. 

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