Prevent Lyme In Dogs

April is Prevent Lyme In Dogs Month; and we need to have the tick talk with pet owners. 

April is chosen as Lyme Disease Prevention In Dogs Month because spring and summer are when dogs are at high risk of being bit by ticks as they go outside to play; visit dog parks; and hike with pet owners. To prevent Lyme Disease in pets, owners need to perform a few steps including.

1. Check for ticks after outdoor activity

Ticks like to hide in the fur and they can go undetected for days, weeks unless the pet owners groom dogs for ticks. Take the time to brush dogs and use your hands to feel for ticks. Ticks are most likely to be found along the ankles, behind ears, underneath the tail and around the collar. 

If a tick is detected, be sure to properly remove the tick with a removal tool, (not a lighter or fingertips) and get the dog to the vet as soon as possible for Lyme Disease testing and diagnosis. 

Dogs with symptoms of Lyme Disease will experience fatigue, weak joints, high blood pressure and excessive salvation. 

According to Pets and Parasites, there have been over 47000 confirmed cases of Lyme Disease in dogs this year alone in the United States. Be sure to keep pets away from wildlife that may be carrying ticks with diseases this season as an added measure of security.  

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