Rabbit Fence Ideas

Rabbits are adorable; and whoever says they can't be a pet is wrong. In fact, over 1500 households in the United States have pet rabbits. Rabbits are fun pets to have and can be played with indoors or outside in a fenced-in area. For new rabbit owners looking for fence ideas, here are a few to consider for outside playtime:

Steel Hex Web Fence

This type of metal fence with PVC is used for several applications. Chicken owners use this hexagonal fence to protect their flock from coyotes, wolves and foxes; while dog owners use it to secure their chewing dogs in the backyard. Even gardeners use this fence for rabbit control in home gardens. 

Steel Hex Web is a top choice for rabbit owners to consider for their pets. The metal fence contains 1" x 1" mesh holes that even small bunnies can't get through. The 20 gauge steel is strong and includes PVC-coating as a secondary layer of protection against chew marks from rabbits. After all, rabbits' teeth grow 5-6" per year; and they will search for hard surfaces to alleviate the tension. This PVC steel fence will last 20+ years outside - about double the lifespan of a pet rabbit. 

19 gauge Welded Wire Fence

Like the Steel Hex Fence, this metal fence with PVC includes 1" x 1" mesh holes to block small bunnies from escaping. The rabbit fence is square-shaped and is slightly stronger than 20 gauge hexagonal fencing. The 19 ga weld wire fence with PVC will also last 20+ years outside for rabbit protection. 


We love pet rabbits and want to keep them protected. July is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month; and fencing should be considered prior to bringing home Hoppy. 

Fence install tip: Trench the fences into the ground 6-12 inches to prevent burrowing attempts. A 2-3 high fence is recommended for rabbits.

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