'No' To These Dog Fences

So, you have a dog who likes to run around outside. While the obvious next move would be to built a dog fence in the backyard, some pet owners are hesitant to do so - maybe because of cost; but often because they feel that dog fences are unsightly. I don't blame you for feeling this way. 

Although chain link fence is the cheapest type of fence on today's market, it comes with some negative reviews and ratings. For starters, chain-link fences are heavy to install and they are not easily flexible. They are known to corrode from years in the sun and they aren't exactly pleasing to the eye. As the fence deteriorates, dogs can get hurt from sharp corners and jagged edges.

As for electric fencing, we say 'no' - and we mean, never, ever. There are many reasons to say 'no' to invisible dog fences and electric fences for dogs and cats. Electric fencing works by sending a small electrical jolt to animals as a reminder not to cross the perimeter. (Shocks are usually through a shock collar that dogs wear.) The dog does not know when the shock will occur; but as they receive more and more harm, they begin to fear moving to the edge of the property line. Why would we, as pet owners, want to instill fear into our pets? This is why we are against invisible fencing for dogs: they are psychologically and physically damaging to pets. 

Okay, we get it, you have gorgeous landscape and you don't want your view blocked by some unsightly fence (sorry, chain-link). This is why EasyPetFence.com offers easy to install dog fences that are black, PVC-coated to blend into the landscapes. This means that homeowners can see through the fence, instead of needing to look around the fence.

For pet owners interested in assembling a dog fence, we recommend going with a pet fence from EasyPetFence.com; and say 'no' to electric fencing for dogs.