Send Cats Outdoors?

Cat owners are a bit more skeptical to send their pets outside - unlike dog owners that know dogs love to play outside in the fenced-in yard. However, like dogs, cats need a chance to run, play and exercise. They simply cannot stay indoors all day. Having a cat fence at home will change the way cats live. 

Cats need exercise; socialization and entertainment just like dogs. A fence for cats is different than a catio in that it allows cats (and even dogs) to roam freely on a premises instead of an enclosed boxed area. Cats will not be able to jump out of the cat fencing system thanks to overhang extenders - nor dig out due to welded wire fence mesh. 

There are approximately 56 million obese or overweight cats in the United States; and this number can be reduced if homeowners will help improve the quality of life for their domestic felines. 

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