Start a TNR Program

There are approximately 60 million feral cats wandering throughout the United States; and while we would love to adopt all of the homeless cats, it's not that possible. 

Kitty breeding season begins in April; and after cats grow, they reproduce again - continuing the circle of life. However, the problem is that when cats reproduce, they deliver birth to more homeless cats; and this becomes a health problem for domestic pets that may encounter these stray cats. 

Cat enthusiasts looking to help tame the homeless cat population should consider starting a neighborhood feral cat program. To start, cat people will need a group of volunteers to assist with catching; spay/neutering and releasing the cats - only after encouraging cat adoption, of course. It will help to have a place to put the cats while giving them medical care (a cat fence, for example; so, the cats can remain in the great outdoors where they feel 'at home'). 

Feral cats are not like domestic pets. They are guarded; less trusting; and more independent than the average cat. Beginning a Trap-Neuter-Release Program will not be easy; but the results are worth the time and investment. 

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