Steel Hex Dog Fence

There are many types of yard fence for dogs on the market, but not all are suitable for pups. Take barbed wire, for example. This type of fence would not be recommended for dogs, as we feel that it is inhumane and unattractive on landscapes. However, when looking at metal dog fences, there are other alternatives that are far more appealing, such as the Steel Hex Web Dog Fence. 

Steel Hex Dog Fence is suitable for medium-large dogs with moderate energy levels. This type of steel dog fence is hexagonal in shape, made from a 20-gauge steel core then wrapped in PVC-coating. The 1" x 1" mesh holes block wildlife such as deer and rabbits from entering onto the property while protecting the domestic animal(s) from escaping. Better yet, the fence appears virtually invisible from a short distance! It is chew-resistant; weather-resistant and long-lasting. 

Take a look at the Steel Hex Web Dog Fence in action: 

It's no wonder why pet owners are choosing to install this type of metal dog fence for their pets as an alternative to electric fence; chain-link and barbed wire!

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