Summer Pet Care Tips

Like us, pets are looking forward to spending their days outside soaking up the hot rays; but if pet owners don't take the necessary precautions to care for pets this summer, they may find themselves at the animal hospital. Keep these summer pet care tips in-mind. (Summer begins in less than 24 hours!)

Exercise with dogs in the fenced-in backyard by throwing a Frisbee or a small ball. This will keep dogs moving; entertained; and will help improve dog health. It will also wear them out; so, they do not destroy the inside of the house.

Keep pets cool by playing with dogs in the pool or spraying them with a hose. Dogs wear a fur coat 365 days a year; and they cannot tell you that they are toasty. Know the signs of heat stroke in dogs; and make sure your dog has plenty of fresh drinking water.

As always, check for ticks on dogs; and know how to remove dog ticks with the proper tick removing tools. Grooming pets regularly is a must for their comfort and to easily spot ticks.

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