Summer Treats For Dogs

Bring on the BBQ this summer! It's picnic season and we are ready to eat; but we aren't the only ones. Our pets want to eat what we want; but not all summer treats are good for our pets. See the list of favorite summer foods that are okay to feed pets:

  • watermelon - a favorite treat that cools them down and tastes delicious!
  • carrots - these crunchy vegetables make great chew toys. Just watch dogs closely, because carrots can become choking hazards.
  • green beans - crunchy and good source of fiber.
  • coconut - the milk is a favorite for dogs; but avoid giving dogs too much because it can make dog's sick to their stomachs.
  • water - like us, dogs need plenty of water especially during the heat of summer. Throw in ice cubes to cool dogs down, too.
  • grilled meat - Give dogs a piece of grilled chicken; hot dogs or hamburgers. Just be sure to cool down the meat and make sure it's free from spicy seasonings. 
  • corn - dogs can eat corn that is free from butter and are not on the cob. Cobs can become choking hazards.

Enjoy these summertime favorite foods on 4th of July and throughout the season!

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