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Prevent Cruelty To Dogs

Prevent Cruelty To Dogs

The ASPCA declares April to be Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Month, a time for us to put an end to abused animals - both mentally and physically.

Our four-legged friends are always there for us, as pet owners; so why would we want to cause them pain? Now is the time to get involved in advocacy work including:

  • Help prevent animal neglect
  • Foster abandoned pets
  • Petition against No-Kill animal shelters
  • Adopt a humane society dog or cat

Taking home new pets is challenging for both pet owner and animal. The dog or cat will need to walk around the house to learn the new environment. As a responsible pet owner, it's best to keep an eye on pets, teach them right from wrong, feed them nutritious foods, and play with them on a daily basis. 

Pet owners may decide to keep dogs outside while they work or tend to small children; and this is fine as long as the dog is surrounded behind a dog fence. asks that pet owners say 'no' to wireless dog fences and chain-link fences that will hurt dogs. Although affordable, chain-link fence for dogs corrode and will hurt the dog's teeth. But, electric dog fences are the worst for protecting dogs in the yard. These wireless dog fences work by using shock collars and sending a small jolt to dogs. Why hurt the dog to teach them not to leave the premises? 

This April, consider humane pet fencing solutions for the backyard; and prevent the mistreatment of animals! #PreventCrueltyToAnimals.

Why Adopt Shelter Dogs

Why Adopt Shelter Dogs

Dogs really are man's best friend. They act as a security system; and they are always there to lend a shoulder to cry on. There are many benefits to adopting a dog from an animal shelter or humane society. This month, consider adopting a shelter dog. 

You'll save a life. Almost 3 million animals are brought into shelters each year. Together, we can reduce the number of euthanized dogs if only we adopt from a no-killer shelter.  

It costs less to adopt a shelter dog than from a breeder or private party. For less than $100, potential dog owners can leave the shelter with a dog that has been micro-chipped and with shots/vaccines. 

You'll get a loving pet. Dogs brought into shelters have often been abused by previous owners, neglected or abandoned; but by adopting a dog, you are giving this animal a second chance at living; and the dog will feel loved by you. Stay patient and remain calm. It's a learning curve for both you and the dog.

Pet adoption helps other animals. We said earlier that there are over 3 million animals that enter into animal shelters. 

"Every single pet that is adopted frees shelter staff up to work with and prepare the next pet for potential adoption," said Kenny Lamberti, director of strategic engagement and companion animals for the Human Society.

By adopting one dog, you are making room for another stray dog to enter into the facility.

Shelters house-train animals. This means that most dogs, even puppies, will be potty-trained and will stop teething and biting. Good news for your furniture and carpet!

more than 53000 pets were adopted in 2016 thanks to the Clear the Shelters Project. Let's increase that number for 2017 and beyond!

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