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Adopt, Don't Shop!

Adopt, Don't Shop!

Thinking about owning a pet? Consider adopting pets from local humane societies and animal rescues instead of buying a pet from a pet store. 

Animal advocates have been eyeing pet stores for years. Many pet stores have been accused of showcasing pets for sale that came from puppy mills - places where dogs are bred in deplorable conditions. To give cats and dogs a second chance at finding a forever home, it's best to consider adopting from local animal rescues.

Pet adoption is much cheaper than pet stores and helps animals match with a loving family. Because June is "kitten season," animal shelters are seeing an influx of cats and need help finding them homes. Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).

Pets at shelters are not considered "bad dogs" or "damaged." They could have been lost or abandoned by owners. They need you as much as you need them. Visit local animal shelters in your area to find the right companion animal for your family. 

Why Pets Need Friends

Why Pets Need Friends

Bonding with pets is something that every pet owner should do; but pets need time spent with other animals just like them. Think about it. While it's great to spend time with your parents, sometimes you crave a good night with good friends. This is why adopting pets is so important. 

Adopting a dog or cat from an animal shelter or animal rescue gives animals a second chance at finding a forever home. With two dogs or two cats, they will become best friends and follow each other around yards. They will keep an eye out for one another and help keep them out of harm's way. They will also keep each other entertained and out of trouble. With two animals in the house, you will find that your dog will be more energetic; more fit; and happier.

This National Pet Month, consider adopting a second animal for your pet. While dogs are man's best friend,  dogs also need a best friend for themselves.

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