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Why Use Cat Fences

Why Use Cat Fences

Cat owners love the idea of letting domestic cats outside to play; and that is one of the many uses of an outdoor cat enclosure. Kitty fences allow cats to roam the perimeter of the yard without getting out and are out of harm's way.  The poly fence material is lightweight and won't hurt the cat in any way. But, cat enclosures can also be used for playtime by other animals such as dogs and pet birds

Dog owners have been known to use a cat fence to protect their domestic dogs from stray cats. Thanks to the top of the cat fence, animals are protected by feral cats/dogs and wildlife (deer, coyotes) that may attempt to harm the pet. 

Bird owners of parrots or bigger bird breeds may find the cat fence useful for birds to play. The top of the fence will block pet birds attempts to jump out of the fence and will protect them from stray cats, as well.

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Caring For Elderly Cats

Caring For Elderly Cats

The average domestic cat lives 12-15 years; but they can survive up to 21 years. Once a cat reaches age seven, they can be considered 'senior.' Like humans, the older the cat gets, the more susceptible they are to pet diseases and health complications. Here are ways to improve animal health and wellness as the cat ages:

 Vision Complications and Deaf Cats

As cats age, they will need to be approached slower than they were as a kitten. If your cat is deaf, approach them in front rather than behind. If they have issues seeing, keep the house stationary and avoid moving too many pieces of furniture or boxes. (Changes in environment will only confuse the cat.) Put lights on at night to help guide them to where they wish to be.

 Exercise and Nutrition

Goes hand-in-hand. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, roughly 58 percent of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. To avoid plumpness, cats need a combination of healthy cat food and exercise. Lack of exercise will lead the cat to problems beyond obesity including heart issues, joint problems and heat intolerance. While good nutrition should start at a cat's youthful age, cat owners should continue to read labels and avoid under-feeding or over-feeding animals.

To maintain strong bones, cat owners need to help cats exercise by implementing cat games and exercises that allow the cat to bend, grab and jump.

  • Play with a laser pointer and let the cat swipe at it;
  • Have the cat jump for a cat toy filled with cat nip (incentive);
  • Play with a ball of string and let the cat wiggle his/her way out of the yarn. 

All cat fitness exercises can be done from within a catio or cat enclosure

Dental Disease

Pet owners should not neglect cat's teeth. Dental issues in cats can lead to gum disease and weight loss. Brush cat's teeth with a soft toothbrush or give your cat a minty dental treat that cleans mouths.


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Free Amazon e-Gift Cards

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