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Short Fence Rolls

Short Fence Rolls works with customers that require fencing for different needs. Maybe the pet fencing is for a companion animal or maybe it's for dogs to play together while their pet parents are out of town. We at get this question a lot "Do the fence rolls come in shorter sizes?" offers fence rolls starting at 100' in length and go up to 330' in length. The fence rolls can be trimmed to meet small specifications and can be done using scissors (for plastic dog fencing or cat fencing) or wire cutters for steel dog fencing. wants to accommodate pet owners as best we can. Contact with questions about choosing the right size fence roll.

Send Cats Outdoors?

Send Cats Outdoors?

Cat owners are a bit more skeptical to send their pets outside - unlike dog owners that know dogs love to play outside in the fenced-in yard. However, like dogs, cats need a chance to run, play and exercise. They simply cannot stay indoors all day. Having a cat fence at home will change the way cats live. 

Cats need exercise; socialization and entertainment just like dogs. A fence for cats is different than a catio in that it allows cats (and even dogs) to roam freely on a premises instead of an enclosed boxed area. Cats will not be able to jump out of the cat fencing system thanks to overhang extenders - nor dig out due to welded wire fence mesh. 

There are approximately 56 million obese or overweight cats in the United States; and this number can be reduced if homeowners will help improve the quality of life for their domestic felines. 

International Cat Day!

International Cat Day!

August 8, 2019 is declared to be International Cat Day to celebrate all things cats. There is no better reason to discuss why cats make great pets. 

 Out of 7.6 million companion animals entering shelters, 1.3 million cats are adopted each year. And, it's no surprise why! Cats make wonderful pets for families and couples on-the-go. Cats are independent and do not require full boarding like dogs. They can self potty train and do not require outdoor trips to the bathroom. They are kid-friendly and play well with other animals. 

Cats can play with other domestic animals outside and bond with pet owners. This International Cat Day, consider cat adoption at local animal shelters and cat rescues. 

Bringing Home New Cats

Bringing Home New Cats

Bringing home a new cat doesn't have to be difficult; but it is. It's like bringing home a newborn baby. Kittens are scared; in a new surrounding; and unsure of you. And, well, you are nervous about whether the cat will claw up the curtains and destroy the rest of the furniture. 

To welcome cats to a new home, it's important to cover the basics:

  • Buy healthy cat foods (consult a vet if you are unsure)
  • Bring home lots of toys
  • Buy or make a homemade scratching post for your kitty
  • Build cat fencing in the yard

Cat fencing is not something that most cat owners would realize up front; but the truth is that cats need a chance to explore new terrain; get fresh air; and play with other animals. Having a fenced in yard for cats to socialize will give them plenty of room to walk around while staying protected from stray dogs and strangers. Fencing also will keep the cat inside the home. 

Train cats to understand the difference between right from wrong and show the cat you love him/her. Have patients with your new furry friend; and remember, they are learning just like you. 

Dog Attacked By Hawk

Dog Attacked By Hawk

It's been a hard week for Daisy, the bichon dog that was found covered in blood by her owner in her Massachusetts backyard after an apparent hawk attack. Luckily, the dog survived and is back to smiling.

For pet owners with issues of birds or a high density of wildlife in yards should consider installing cat fencing for dogs. The idea may sound silly if you do not own a cat; but cat fencing can protect dogs just as well as cats. Unlike dog fences, cat fences have a top that prevents cats from climbing in or out; and will stop birds, feral cats, and other types of wildlife from reaching dogs. 

This is a good method to consider for bird control on landscapes for animal protection.

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