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Short Fence Rolls

Short Fence Rolls works with customers that require fencing for different needs. Maybe the pet fencing is for a companion animal or maybe it's for dogs to play together while their pet parents are out of town. We at get this question a lot "Do the fence rolls come in shorter sizes?" offers fence rolls starting at 100' in length and go up to 330' in length. The fence rolls can be trimmed to meet small specifications and can be done using scissors (for plastic dog fencing or cat fencing) or wire cutters for steel dog fencing. wants to accommodate pet owners as best we can. Contact with questions about choosing the right size fence roll.

Pet Fostering: COVID-19

Pet Fostering: COVID-19

It seems that now more than ever, animal shelters need help caring for domestic pets from animal enthusiasts such as yourself. COVID-19 has placed the world on pause; and while we worry about the health of our family members, we may be forgetting about four-legged friends that need us, too. Animals from rescue centers and shelters are being cared for by volunteers and shelter staff - but they are short-staffed. This means care and time spent with these animals are both limited. To care for animals during this difficult time, consider fostering pets. Here's what will happen:

Fostering a pet is a rewarding experience for both pet and caregiver. The pet will get out of the shelter and grow with the foster parent - learning how to get along with other domestic animals while developing new skills. Having the new pet around someone new will teach animal shelter staff about the animal's temperament around children and other domestic pets - helping them further to find the pet a suitable forever home. Over all, fostering pets helps improve quality of life for dogs and cats.

Those interested in pet foster care should contact their local animal shelter. The volunteers will need to buy healthy pet foods; fresh water; toys; and much more to give animals the love and care they deserve. For those who need pet fencing for the yard, contact to receive discounted rates.

There's no better time to consider pet fostering than now during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Animal Shelter Week!

Animal Shelter Week!

The first full week of November is declared to be National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, a dedicated week devoted to thanking the staff at animal rescues for caring for abandoned and stray animals.

There are over 4000 no-kill shelters in the United States with a 90 percent saving rate of companion pets; however, not all shelters are able to save companion pets due to admission overload. If they are not adopted, they are put at risk for euthanization. Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). Animal shelters encourage prospective pet owners to adopt, not shop. will offer discounts on pet fencing to animal rescues and sanctuaries throughout the month of November. Contact to learn more. 

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