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Can Cats Go Out?

Can Cats Go Out?

Like dogs, cats need time outside to explore; breathe in fresh air; and play. When kitties stay indoors, they become lazy, lethargic and risk cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure and even obesity. 

Did you know that close to 60 percent of cats in the United States are classified as overweight or obese? To get them moving, cat owners can let cats outside in the yard if they install a cat fence. 

Cat fencing allows cats to move around a home property without getting out. They can securely play with other animals and run around - unlike a catio that will not allow cats to run far. The fence for cats will keep them inside and keep out external predators such as wildlife, stray dogs and homeless cats. 

Cats should be outside at least once per day. Like dogs, they require at least 20-30 minutes of daily activity to stay fit and healthy. 

Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month

September is declared by the CATalyst Council as Happy Cat Month to observe our role as responsible pet owners and how to better the lives of our feline friends. 

Why own cats

Cats make wonderful pets. They are independent, playful with other animals and gentle around small children. Cats can live 15+ years offering memories that will last a lifetime. They are also active and can play in yards jumping, running and chasing after toys.

Why adopt cats

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters each year looking for a forever home. Of those, 3.4 million are cats. If they do not find a family to care for them, they will be euthanized - and 1.4 million are each year. Consider cat adoption this month!

For Happy Cat Month, is offering extra discounts on fence for cats. Contact to learn about September deals on cat fencing. 

Don't Buy Catios

Don't Buy Catios

Cat owners rejoice! There are cat enclosures for sale that allow domestic cats to play outside with other animals; get fit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Great Outdoors. While many cat owners know about catios, there are reasons to not buy a catio for cats. Here's why fence for cats are better than catios.

We won't downplay it: catios are good, but they are not great. They will allow several cats to walk, but not run. They will allow cats to jump from level to level, but not roam. However, cat fencing allows all of this and more.

While cat fences do not offer a top like a catio, systems are lengthy enough to build a cat play area in the yard. This will allow cats to run freely around yards and play with other domestic pets. Cat fences include overhang extenders that will block wildlife from coming into the yard and potentially harming the cat, as well.

Catios are good, but there are better ways to get cats off the couch and outdoors. 

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Why a Cat Fence?

Why a Cat Fence?

Like dogs, cats need time outside for a number of reasons. For one, cats need fresh air. They need time to play with other animals (we know they love chasing laser pointers and hopping on cat towers). If domestic cats do not go outside at all, they can easily become lethargic; fat; and risk health complications in the future caused by inactivity. 

To get cats up and moving, cat owners should consider installing a cat fence in the yard. Fence for cats allow felines to move about the landscape without interacting with stray dogs; feral cats; and the occasional wild animal (deer, coyotes, bears) that may potentially harm the animal. 

Cat fencing is easy to install and is made from a polypropylene mesh that is used to gently sway and deter cats from climbing. There is no way they will be able to escape a cat enclosure (not even Olympic jumping kitties).  

Cat enclosures are taller than traditional dog fences and come with a top that allows for cats to stay in and keeps outside critters out. This is a great investment for cats that will last over 10 years for outside playtime. 

Cat Shelters Need Fence

Cat Shelters Need Fence

Cat Shelters are a place of refuge to homeless cats that are looking for a loving family to care for them permanently. Cat Rescues bring in hundreds of cats each week and quickly run out of room to house kitties. Animal shelters get stray cats off the streets; but because they lack space, cats end up in tight cages. This is where a cat enclosure comes into play. 

Outdoor Cat Enclosures allow cats to move around the property but in a secure environment. After all, homeless cats are used to being outside; and we want them to feel comfortable in their natural surroundings. Outdoor catios let cats breathe fresh air and make them feel at home.

Furthermore, cat fences help cats achieve better physical appearances. Cats that stay inside all day become lethargic, lazy, and often risk health problems such as obesity. A cat fence allows cats to move, jump and play with other cats while strengthening hind legs and arms. 

Cat Rescues or volunteer groups can use cat fencing to build foster cat care programs and help cats find forever homes. Fence for cats can be managed year-round or taken down at the start of winter, only to be installed in the spring.

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