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Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month

September is declared by the CATalyst Council as Happy Cat Month to observe our role as responsible pet owners and how to better the lives of our feline friends. 

Why own cats

Cats make wonderful pets. They are independent, playful with other animals and gentle around small children. Cats can live 15+ years offering memories that will last a lifetime. They are also active and can play in yards jumping, running and chasing after toys.

Why adopt cats

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals, 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters each year looking for a forever home. Of those, 3.4 million are cats. If they do not find a family to care for them, they will be euthanized - and 1.4 million are each year. Consider cat adoption this month!

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Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat Month!

September is the purrfect time of year to celebrate the love of cats! The Catalyst Council created Happy Cat Month, an annual event to spread the word about cat companionship in America. 

Cats make wonderful pets. They get along with kids; play well with other animals; and they are independent. For couples that enjoy spontaneous weekend getaways, cats are the perfect pet - a litter box, fresh food; and toys is all they require!

Considering pet adoption?

There are over 10 million cat owners in the U.S. and more growing each day. If you are looking into pet adoption, consider adopting a cat. According to ASPCA, 3.2 million cats are brought into humane societies each year; and over 800,000 cats are euthanized because nobody wants them. Adopting a cat is a win-win for both pet owner and pet: You'll save a life and make a new companion. 

This September, explore the many benefits of owing cats; and see how to take care of felines with the help from

Easy Homemade Cat Toys

Easy Homemade Cat Toys

As pet owners, we like to see our pets happy; and what better time to see our pets happy than during Happy Cat Month? Make your cats purr loudly this month by making cat toys from scratch. Here are a few affordable cat toy ideas that are easy to make.

Crumpled newspaper cat toy

This is the cheapest method for entertaining a cat. Cats like to bat the crumbled paper toys and carry them in their mouths. Cat owners can also use paper towels, magazine clips and newspaper. 

Raw Vegetables and Leafy Greens

Although cats probably won't be seen eating the veggies, they will use them as hockey pucks around the kitchen floor. Cats may walk around with baby carrots in their mouths; but don't expect them to eat them.

Pizza Boxes

Make a large hole in the center of the cardboard pizza box; and let your cats jump in-and-out of the space. Playing games with the pizza box will allow the cat to be active and strengthen hind legs. 


The most typical cat toy is a ball of yarn. They love getting tangled in the soft fabric. Keep an eye on your cat to make sure they don't need help getting untangled.

Empty Bottles

Whether it's pills or an empty water bottle, your cat will enjoy smacking the bottles around on the floor. Be sure to remove labeling as a safety measure; so your cat doesn't choke. 


Like children, cats love popping bubbles. The bigger the bubble, the easier it is to see...and pop!

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