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Deciding On Chain-Link

Deciding On Chain-Link

Chain-link fencing is the most common type of fence for dogs. It is durable, long-lasting and chew-resistant. It is a great choice for large dogs and can secure some of the largest dog breeds in yards including St. Bernard, Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, and Weimaraner. 

With that being said, chain-link fence may be overkill for small dogs with calm tempers. Dogs such as cocker spaniels,pugs, shih tzu,  chihuahuas, and dachshunds will not need such as heavy duty dog fence. Instead, these smaller dog breeds can be surrounded by a plastic dog fence or a metal dog fence made from PVC-coated chicken wire or welded wire

Chain-link fence is not the most beautiful type of yard fence, nor is it as easy to install by oneself, however it is effective for securing large dogs during outside playtime. 

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Fence For Small Dogs

Fence For Small Dogs

In our last blog post, discussed the best fence for big dogs with high energy such as huskies, Labradors and German Shepherds. Now, it's time to talk about the best fence type for small dogs with a calm demeanor. 

The best fence type for a small dog is a plastic fence. Poly dog fencing is best used for puppies or small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Basset Hounds and Yorkies with low levels of energy. There really is no need to upgrade to a metal dog fence unless the dog chews or digs.

Plastic dog fences are available in different strength grades to accommodate "chill" dogs. 

Best Fence For Dogs

Best Fence For Dogs

Let's be real, dogs need space to run and play; and it's convenient enough to let dogs out in the yard. But, fencing is required; and there are many types of fence for dogs on the market; but not all are humane. Let's break it down.

Chain-Link Fences are heavy, a pain to install and are not flexible. Oh; and they will corrode over time. Barbed Wire will hurt the dog with small barbs of wire; and invisible electric dog fences shock dogs to teach them a lesson - the least humane option out of all of these fences.

Plastic dog fencing is more gentle and is easy to manage. Poly dog fencing is lightweight but durable. It is meant for small dogs or for calm dogs that won't jump on the fence. For higher energy dogs that will jump, even chew on the fence, it's best to go with a PVC-coated metal dog fence

These type of dog fences will not harm the dog nor the environment. These are much better options for homeowners for any dog breed. Even better, the fences will last between 10-30 years based on the strength grade and material. 

Poly and metal dog fences are available for sale on Only humane fencing as an alternative to chain-link dog fences and electric invisible dog fences. 

Why Buy Metal Dog Fence

Why Buy Metal Dog Fence

Metal fences serve for many purposes; and it depends on the goals of the homeowner for why to install a metal dog fence. 

Metal fencing can come in many different forms: from chain-link and barbed wire to PVC-coated materials. So, which is better and why?

Chain Link Fences are affordable; but (let's be honest) they are ugly and they corrode. Barbed wire fences hurt dogs and don't look welcoming for homeowners who care about the look of their properties. 

PVC-coated metal dog fences are best for dogs that chew and dig. But, because the fence material lasts 20-30 years, they can serve well after the life expectancy of your four-legged friends (sorry to get real with you). The metal dog fencing can then serve as a garden fence for deer management and keep out white-tailed deer along with rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and other small critters that like to chew. Like the poly dog fences, metal dog fences can be temporary or permanent fixtures. 

Metal fences for dogs are virtually invisible and look good on any landscape. 

New Dog Fences

New Dog Fences

Just Released!

Our 4' x 100' Welded Wire dog fence is ideal for large dogs with high energy that like to chew or dig. This 4' chew-proof dog fence is PVC-coated in black to protect the fence material from the elements and is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel. It contains a 2" x 2" fence mesh. Thickness of fence after PVC coating is approx. 12 gauge. Homeowners can even put up the 4' metal fence around the swimming pool as it may meet pool code. Welded wire pet enclosures are easy to install DIY fence projects for active dogs. Click here to learn more. 

The 4' x 100' dog fence rolls are also available in a 1.5" x 4" mesh and a 2" x 4" mesh

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