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Why Use Cat Fences

Why Use Cat Fences

Cat owners love the idea of letting domestic cats outside to play; and that is one of the many uses of an outdoor cat enclosure. Kitty fences allow cats to roam the perimeter of the yard without getting out and are out of harm's way.  The poly fence material is lightweight and won't hurt the cat in any way. But, cat enclosures can also be used for playtime by other animals such as dogs and pet birds

Dog owners have been known to use a cat fence to protect their domestic dogs from stray cats. Thanks to the top of the cat fence, animals are protected by feral cats/dogs and wildlife (deer, coyotes) that may attempt to harm the pet. 

Bird owners of parrots or bigger bird breeds may find the cat fence useful for birds to play. The top of the fence will block pet birds attempts to jump out of the fence and will protect them from stray cats, as well.

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Why Build Cat Fencing

Why Build Cat Fencing

Like dogs, cats need time outside to get fresh air. There are many health benefits for building cat fence in the yard for cats. 

Exercise: According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 58 percent of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. By giving your cat a combination of healthy cat foods, and strength training exercises, your cat will look better and feel better. Being a house cat will not keep them lean and active!

Security: With an outdoor catio, cats can roam the backyard without fear of running away. Often times, cat owners deal with cats running up trees and not being able to get down. Or, cats may be harmed by wildlife. With a cat fence, cats will be securely behind a fence that will protect them from harm.

Socialization: Dogs aren't the only animals that need play dates. With an outdoor cat enclosure, cats can play with other cats; or cats and dogs can play together! Socialization is key to improving animal wellness and keeping pets happy.

Be Free: Think about how you feel after being inside all day. "Cabin fever" comes to mind. This is how your cat feels; and without a lot of movement, cats become lethargic and bored. They will have weakened muscles and joints and they won't want to play. This is why it's important to let cats run freely in the yard. Cats need a chance to stretch their legs and burn-off pint up energy. 

This Responsible Pet Ownership Month, consider installing outdoor cat enclosures. 

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Uses of a Cat Fence

Uses of a Cat Fence

Cats needs exercise and socialization just as much as dogs; and that is why cats benefit from a cat fence in the backyard. However, there are other reasons why pet owners should consider an outdoor catio for their pets. 

Can Be Used For Dogs

Outdoor cat enclosures are great for dogs, too! Not only can dogs play with other animals from within the enclosure, but they don't have to worry about encounters with stray cats that may try to taunt the dog. 

Keeps Out Wildlife

More often than not, there are news stories that show coyotes and wolves coming into yards and harming pets. An outdoor cat enclosure will stop a coyote or wolf from coming in-contact with animals, thanks to the top of the enclosure. 

In addition, the fencing for cats also keeps out white-tailed deer that may be carrying tick-borne illnesses that can transfer to pets. The use of a fence can reduce the risk of Lyme Disease by 97 percent. 

Keeps Out Birds

Speaking of wild animals, the enclosed top also keeps out birds that may try to swoop down and harm the dog or cat. 

Outdoor pet enclosures improve animal wellness for both dogs and cats. Owners will see a change in pet behavior to reveal a healthier, happier pet.

Cat Shelters Need Fence

Cat Shelters Need Fence

Cat Shelters are a place of refuge to homeless cats that are looking for a loving family to care for them permanently. Cat Rescues bring in hundreds of cats each week and quickly run out of room to house kitties. Animal shelters get stray cats off the streets; but because they lack space, cats end up in tight cages. This is where a cat enclosure comes into play. 

Outdoor Cat Enclosures allow cats to move around the property but in a secure environment. After all, homeless cats are used to being outside; and we want them to feel comfortable in their natural surroundings. Outdoor catios let cats breathe fresh air and make them feel at home.

Furthermore, cat fences help cats achieve better physical appearances. Cats that stay inside all day become lethargic, lazy, and often risk health problems such as obesity. A cat fence allows cats to move, jump and play with other cats while strengthening hind legs and arms. 

Cat Rescues or volunteer groups can use cat fencing to build foster cat care programs and help cats find forever homes. Fence for cats can be managed year-round or taken down at the start of winter, only to be installed in the spring.

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