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Short Fence Rolls

Short Fence Rolls works with customers that require fencing for different needs. Maybe the pet fencing is for a companion animal or maybe it's for dogs to play together while their pet parents are out of town. We at get this question a lot "Do the fence rolls come in shorter sizes?" offers fence rolls starting at 100' in length and go up to 330' in length. The fence rolls can be trimmed to meet small specifications and can be done using scissors (for plastic dog fencing or cat fencing) or wire cutters for steel dog fencing. wants to accommodate pet owners as best we can. Contact with questions about choosing the right size fence roll.

Fall Into Pet Fencing

Fall Into Pet Fencing

Now that the weather is visibly cooler, pet owners should consider installing dog fencing in the backyard. 

Dog fences serve multiple purposes from training puppies in a secure environment to playing with other animals and bonding with pet owners. Dog fencing is convenient for those that may not have a dog park nearby to venture to for entertainment or are looking for a simple way to let dogs outside to play with minimal supervision. 

There are many types of pet fences on the market; but for alternative fence options, consider plastic and PVC-coated metal fences for dogs

Fall is a cool time of year for pets; and they'll be begging to get outside. Now is the time to install pet fencing for dogs. 

Hurricane Pet Care Tips

Hurricane Pet Care Tips

As Hawaii braces for impact from Hurricane Lane, we feel that it is necessary to review pet care tips during hurricane season.

Hurricanes, like other natural disasters, can cause stress on animals. They will hear strong gusts of wind; the brush of leaves against trees; and they will become uneasy with what is happening behind closed doors. To keep dogs and cats calm during hurricanes, pet owners will need to do the following:

  1. Distract animals. Play games with them; and keep them smiling.
  2. Get Jazzed up. Soft Jazz music is known to calm the nerves and will help dogs stay at ease with what is going on outside. 
  3. Scatter toys around the house for dog entertainment. 

For pet owners with pet fencing in the yard, consider taking down the fence. The fence systems are easy to take down and will only require new zip ties. 

Fence Installation Tips

Fence Installation Tips

After opening up the package, and seeing the fence parts scattered across the grass, fence installation may seem intimidating - if not down right nerve wrecking. But, no need to fear this DIY project. It's easy - as long as the pet fence installation instructions are read and a plan is set.

Here are a few tips to remember before installation:

  • Fence posts need to be 10-15 feet apart from each other. It's recommended to space out the posts first to get an idea of what the system will look like when it's done.
  • Do not roll out the fence rolls all at once. Instead, roll out more and more as it flows.
  • Ground stakes should go on the outside of the fence area (but installing them from the inside won't hurt anything).
  • Don't throw away extra fence rolls. You may wish to use the extra scraps later on.
  • You can never have too many zip ties. Feel free to place them on the fence anywhere you please.

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2018 Commit To Pets

2018 Commit To Pets

Perhaps your significant other surprised you with a dog this holiday; or maybe you have a dog and are hoping to surprise them with a big gift this year. Whatever your reason is, make one commitment to your pet moving into the new year: a pet fence. Dogs and cats need open space to play, learn and grow; and with pet fencing, dogs and cats will be able to do just that. It's time to make pet fencing a priority for 2018. Pet Owners: This is your New Years Resolution to your pet. 

Dogs and cats both need outdoor time to play with other animals. Although dog parks are a great way to make new furry friends, it's just not as convenient as having a dog fence or cat fence in the backyard. The outdoor pet enclosures are secure; so, you can feel good leaving your animal outside without fear of them being lost or stolen - unlike at a dog park.

Speaking of security, pet fences also keep out strangers and act as a home security system. Most intruders will not attempt a home robbery if they know a dog is on the premises. Showing off a dog fence will scare home intruders away from your property. 

A fence for dogs and cats also keeps out wildlife that may try to harm the domestic animal. Deer, for one, carry tick-borne illnesses that can spread from the white-tail to the pet and put them at risk of Lyme Disease and other tick diseases. Additionally, fences keep out birds, stay cats and homeless dogs that may try to get 'rough' with your pet. 

 A plastic dog fence is safer to build in the backyard than barbed wire fence or chain-link fence. As the weather breaks down the fences, dogs may be poked with barbed wire or corroding fences. PVC-coated steel dog fence or plastic fencing for dogs eliminates this concern. 

2018 is around the corner; and it's time to make your pet a top priority. Commit to your pets in the new year by building pet enclosures in the backyard. 

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