Take Dog To Work Day!

June 22nd is Take your dog to work day; and there are many ways to celebrate.

The obvious way to kick-off the celebration is to actually take your dog in to work. For pet-friendly work environments that allow pets, this day can create a great play date for dogs and will give them a chance to bond with one another.

Having too many dogs can get noisy and distracting in the office; but if there is an open area that dogs can be left outside for some time, this is highly recommended. Pet friendly offices should consider installing dog fencing around the premises to let dogs stay outside for some time and get fresh air. Having fencing means that office attendants will not need to watch dogs at all times and will let office folks go back to their daily routines. 

Although our bosses want us to stare at the computer screen for eight hours, it's just impossible to do so - and not healthy for our eyes or mind. Having a dog around the office will give workers a quick break full of hugs and smiles. 

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