How To Train New Dogs

Bringing home a shelter dog is a wonderful achievement. Not only are you giving a puppy or older dog a forever home, but you are giving the dog a second chance at living the life it always dreamed. But, before you get ahead of yourself, know that it will take time to adjust - not just for you but for Fido. Shelter dogs could take 6-8 weeks to adjust to a new home; and without proper training, dogs can misbehavior and even become aggressive. 

Use these new dog training techniques once you get home:

1. Allow the dog to walk around and explore it's new surroundings. The dog will be under stress and find it hard to trust who or where they are now. Be patient with your dog and be supportive of their situation. 

2. Even if your dog is potty-trained, teach them where to go. Take them outdoors a couple of times and ask the dog if they need to go to the bathroom. This will teach the dog to go outside and not on your carpet. 

3. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks; and it's best to do this from the convenience and comfort of your backyard. Before you bring home a new dog, do research on your dog breed's temperament and see which dog fence will be right for them as they get older. An outdoor dog enclosure will keep the dog safely inside the property line and will reduce the chance of his/her escaping. 

4. While outside, teach dogs basic commands such as "sit," "jump," or "fetch." If you would rather take them to a dog training center, locate a certified dog trainer near you. Again, dog training is necessary to control dogs mood swings and help them adjust to their new surroundings. 

5. Dogs need exercise; and what better way to train a dog than by doing dog exercise training in the yard? Teaching your dog to "jump" or "roll over" allows dogs to use hind legs and squatting positions that will keep bones and muscles strong as they age. This will lower the chances for cardiovascular diseases, obesity and weak bones later in life. 

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