Training a New Dog

Your dog isn't listening to you now because he/she was not properly trained as a puppy; and while some dogs behave better than others, training dogs is important for mental and physical growth of the animal.

Pet owners can train dogs from home and do not need to go to an expensive dog trainer. (There are plenty of resources online on how to train your dog and teach them right from wrong.) However, we recommend that you first install a dog fence in the yard to ensure your dog does not run away.

Training dogs basic commands not only helps improve their listening skills but also helps strengthen their joints and muscles. Teach dogs to "jump," "sit," and "roll over." Teach them to walk on the sidewalk and not in the road. Strength training dogs will serve them well in the future. 

Training dogs at home is easy and can create a great bonding experience between pet and pet owner. Have fun with it!

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