Why a Cat Fence?

Like dogs, cats need time outside for a number of reasons. For one, cats need fresh air. They need time to play with other animals (we know they love chasing laser pointers and hopping on cat towers). If domestic cats do not go outside at all, they can easily become lethargic; fat; and risk health complications in the future caused by inactivity. 

To get cats up and moving, cat owners should consider installing a cat fence in the yard. Fence for cats allow felines to move about the landscape without interacting with stray dogs; feral cats; and the occasional wild animal (deer, coyotes, bears) that may potentially harm the animal. 

Cat fencing is easy to install and is made from a polypropylene mesh that is used to gently sway and deter cats from climbing. There is no way they will be able to escape a cat enclosure (not even Olympic jumping kitties).  

Cat enclosures are taller than traditional dog fences and come with a top that allows for cats to stay in and keeps outside critters out. This is a great investment for cats that will last over 10 years for outside playtime. 

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