Why Build Cat Fence

Like dogs, cats need time to explore the great outdoors; socialize with other companion animals and exercise. Without daily fitness activity, cats will become lethargic and risk health complications as they age. Cat owners may be hesitant to build cat fencing; but the systems on the market are strong, reliable and long-lasting. 

Cat fencing is different than catios. Catios are box-shaped and will secure multiple cats. They include tops for wildlife and bird control and keep cats from escaping; however, catios do not offer cats a wide area for them to run and play. That's why cat fencing is better for homeowners with yard space to share with their feline friends. 

Cat fencing is made from poly fence mesh and welded wire for added security to secure cats from all sides. While fence for cats do not include tops, they do include overhang extenders to block cats from escaping from the top - and to keep out deer, coyotes and other wild animals that may try to harm the kitties. Cat fencing is easy to install for the DIY'er and will last 20+ years. 

Below is a video from Texas Litter Control who shared their Kitty Corral Cat Fence with EasyPetFence.com. They have had the system for years; and their cats love it!

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