Why Buy PVC Fences?

There are several reasons why buying a metal dog fence with PVC-coating is the way to go. Let's examine nature and pet behavior. 

Weather Patterns

PVC-coating is UV-stabilized to protect the steel core against wear and tear from harsh weather. Customers living in Arizona, California, Florida or New Mexico, will appreciate having a fence that will not corrode easily or break down from the extreme heat waves. And, customers living in the Midwest and New England Areas where snow storms are frequent, will see that the fence can stand up against frigid temperatures thanks to the plastic coating. 


Animal Behavior

Every dog has its own unique personality; and some dog breeds are classified as chewers. For dogs that may chew on the fence, the plastic coating will protect the steel core against chew marks - from both the companion pet and external predators such as wildlife. 

PVC-coating on metal fences increases longevity of fence and keeps the galvanize steel from animal chew marks and harsh environmental patterns. 

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