Why Buy Welded Wire?

Welded Wire Fence is one of the strongest metal fences on the market for dogs and there are plenty of reasons why dog owners choose to install it in yards.

Weld Wire Fences are aesthetically appealing on landscapes. Not only does the black mesh material blend into surroundings; but it does so with style. Welded Wire Fence comes in different mesh dimensions to offer homeowners options of style, too. Welded Wire Fence is strong with 14 gauge steel surrounded by PVC-coating. Having PVC provides a secondary layer of protection around the metal core and prevents corrosion, and other weather elements, and blocks chew marks from dogs and external wildlife. Lastly, welded fencing is long-lasting with a life expectancy up to 30 years!

When deciding on fence for medium-large dog breeds, consider welded wire fence.

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