Why Do Dogs Chew?

Dog owners with chewing dogs may think there isn't much they can do to stop dogs from chewing everything. Some dogs never seem to grow out of the teething phase; and they tend to chew on shoes, furniture and wooden chairs. Why is that?

Well, dogs are often anxious animals; and if their owners are gone for extended periods of time, they may feel a hint of separation anxiety. This is when dogs start the chewing. 

Additionally, dogs are naturally territorial, predatory animals; and they like the smell of other animals. This is why chewing on leather shoes is desirable - or shoes that smell like their owners (something familiar and intense in odor). 

What homeowners need to know is that dog toys will not eliminate the problem. In fact, most dog toys are made of plastic materials that are unpleasant in taste and odor. This will keep the dog away from playing with the toy.

However, to eliminate the urge to chew on everything from the inside, dog owners should install a dog fence made from a plastic fence material. Again, the taste of the fence is less than desirable; and dogs will usually not try to gnaw on the fence. 

You may be thinking "Well, my dog is big and will eat through a plastic fence in a heartbeat." If this is the case, metal fencing is an option; and dogs will not be pleased with the taste of metal either. 

The lesson? Instead of yelling at your dog for a half hour, keep them away from items that may be chew-worthy for a dog.p