Why Fence In Yards?

Dogs and cats need at least 30 minutes of daily activity, increasing to an hour each day as the companion animal ages. Fencing is great to have at home for several reasons outside of exercise and entertainment. Here are a few important reasons why homeowners should consider installing pet fencing:

  • Having fencing is convenient for homeowners to play with their pets. It requires just a few steps out the door to create a bonding opportunity to teach them to learn new tricks and play in a familiar atmosphere.
  • Fencing keeps pets protected from external predators including strangers that may try to kidnap pets and wildlife that can potentially harm them. Deer rarely hurt pets; but coyotes, wolves and bear attacks on pets are much more frequent than we'd like to hear.
  • Too busy to take pets to local dog parks? Fencing in yards is convenient for doggie play dates.

Pet enclosures are easy to install and will be appreciated in the spring and summer months when all family members want to be outside.

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