Why Foster Pets

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way the entire world is feeling and acting- and this affecting how we treat companion animals. During the global crisis, more and more pet owners are taking their pets to animal shelters to ensure they do not get sick and are properly cared for - a move that must be difficult for pet owners. While there aren't confirmed cases of animals getting sick in the United States, the fear stands due to warnings from China. Now, the problem is that animal shelters are inundated with pets that they are begging for help with foster care. 

So, why foster care pets?

Fostering pets is a way to help free up shelter space and animals improve their quality of life while they wait to find a forever home or go back to their owners. The action of fostering a pet requires dedication and care for several weeks or months. During this time, foster pets can exercise, socialize with other animals and feel good in their current situation. 

Like all of us, pets are looking forward to normalcy again. Foster pets now; and EasyPetFence.com will give 10% off pet fence kits. Call EasyPetFence.com to receive the special offer: 888-519-5954.

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