Why Own Pets?

Dog owners choose to adopt dogs from local animal shelters to help them and give them a chance at finding a forever home. These individuals love dogs and want to see them smile again; but there are other great benefits for owning dogs at home including:

Dogs are protectors: They are more than just pets; they are members of the family. As family, they will look over young children and make sure their aren't strangers on the premises including external wildlife that don't belong.

Dogs soothe us: Dogs calm us down and help with our anxieties and mood swings. When sad, hug a dog; and the world seems a little brighter. Dogs are the stress relievers we look for in life!

Dogs exercise us: As much as we worry about dog health, they tend to also help us with our heart health. If they run, we tend to run with them. Dogs help us lose weight as an added bonus. 

Dogs improve social life: Dogs allow us to arrange dog play dates at home with other animal lovers. Dog owners also make new friends when taking pets to dog parks. 

Dogs make wonderful pets and help improve quality of life. Consider pet adoption from local animal rescues and humane societies to help animals in need. 

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