Why Use Tension Wire

Why Use Tension Wire

When shopping for pet fencing, buyers may run across monofilament wire and wonder what purpose it serves on fences. If you are asking why tension fence then keep reading.

If posts are spaced 15-20' apart, installers may see sagging of the fence mesh between posts - the tension wire strengthens the fence mesh and keeps it nice and taut. If a house is in a windy area where debris or fallen branches may be an issue, the fence tensioning will keep the fence strong and withstand the elements and hazards. Lastly, the fence tension wire will protect the fence from potential damage caused by high energy dogs jumping on the fence mesh.

8 ga and 12 gauge monofilament wire can be used on poly and metal fences; however, if strength is a concern, consider using steel core tensioning which contains 8ga monofilament wire with PVC-coating which will add longevity and strength to the fence.

Tension wire should be used at the top, middle and/or bottom of the fence to keep the fence taut and reduce sagging. 

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