Why Use Cat Fences

Cat owners love the idea of letting domestic cats outside to play; and that is one of the many uses of an outdoor cat enclosure. Kitty fences allow cats to roam the perimeter of the yard without getting out and are out of harm's way.  The poly fence material is lightweight and won't hurt the cat in any way. But, cat enclosures can also be used for playtime by other animals such as dogs and pet birds

Dog owners have been known to use a cat fence to protect their domestic dogs from stray cats. Thanks to the top of the cat fence, animals are protected by feral cats/dogs and wildlife (deer, coyotes) that may attempt to harm the pet. 

Bird owners of parrots or bigger bird breeds may find the cat fence useful for birds to play. The top of the fence will block pet birds attempts to jump out of the fence and will protect them from stray cats, as well.

There are many reasons to buy cat fence for dogs and cats. Check it out on EasyPetFence.com. 

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